Photo of Cory Robinson

Cory Robinson

Associate Professor, Docent

Researcher focusing on privacy, personal data, and ethics


An Associate Professor in Communication Design and Information Systems, Cory is the Founder of the Nordic Privacy Center. He is an invited expert in privacy and personal data for AI4People's 2020 "Health and AI" and "Media+Technology" boards, and advises in areas of personal data and privacy. Cory teaches courses in Big Data ethics, privacy in Smart Cities, and topics within communication technology and international marketing.

Focusing on areas of privacy and ethics, his current research investigates disclosure of sensitive personal data, including biometric and health data, in Internet platforms and surveillance technologies, and ethical frameworks for collection of person data in wearables and IoT (Internet of Things). His most recent publication explores the influence of cultural values of trust, transparency, and openness in Nordic national AI policy.

The Nordic Privacy Center is a research-based institution inspired by the Nordics' shared cultural values of trust, transparency, and openness, with the intent to inform policy, encourage progressive research in themes related to privacy, including informed, consented use of personal data in AI, IoT, and e-health.

Research Interests

Online privacy, self-disclosure, online privacy regulation, privacy theory, biometric personal data, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy, ICT ethics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities, e-health/m-health



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