Media and information technology (MIT)

Media and information technology (MIT)

At Media and Information Technology we do exciting and well-known research and teaching at undergraduate as well as graduate levels.

Learn more about our research and education here, and do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested in collaboration or joining us. We do fundamental and applied research, and participate in a range of large national and international research collaborations. Research projects emanating from the division has yielded multiple successful products that have entered the market. The division of Media and information technology also hosts the research at Visualization center C, where technological and educational research and development are important components. Media and information technology is headed by professor Anders Ynnerman and belongs to the Department of science and technology.

Activities at Media and information technology

3 November 2023

Public defence of doctoral thesis in Visualization and Media Technology: Milda Poceviciute

9.15 am – 12.00 pm Wrannesalen, CMIV, Linköping University Hospital


Research leader

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