Daniela Anahí Parker Yáñez received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Electronics Engineering (ESIMEZ) in 2012 from National Polytechnique Institute (IPN) in Mexico. The title of her BSc thesis is “Data extraction from an event recorder” which comprises a system using Zigbee wireless protocol.


After working 3 years in Industry (IT, and X-ray for security), in 2016, she started her MSc in Organic and Molecular Electronics at TU-Dresden, Germany. During her studies she worked part time in IT Industry on Servicenow platform. Her internship in The Fraunhofer Institute - FEP on pinhole trace in OLED screens resulted in an improved macro to trace OLED screen degradation.


In 2018, she joined the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linköping University for an internship in the Electronic Plants group under the supervision of Dr. Eleni Stavrinidou. She then continue working at the same group for her Master thesis. In 2020 she defended her MSc thesis on “Electronic functionalization of plants for energy harvesting and storage devices” that was supervised by Dr. Eleni Stavrinidou (LiU) and Prof. Stefan Mannsfeld (TU Dresden).


In February 2020, she joined the Electronic Plants group as PhD student. Daniela is currently  developing plant based biohybrid electrodes for bio supercapacitors and biofuel cells.


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