Danial Shafizadeh

PhD student



Wisam Alshebly, Majid Shalchian, Danial Shafizadeh, Amirali Chalechale, Farzan Jazaeri (2023) Transcapacitances Modeling in ultra-thin gate-all-around junctionless nanowire FETs, including 2D quantum confinement Solid-State Electronics, Vol. 200, Article 108544 Continue to DOI


Joel Davidsson, Rohit Babar, Danial Shafizadeh, Ivan Gueorguiev Ivanov, Viktor Ivády, Rickard Armiento, Igor A. Abrikosov (2022) Exhaustive characterization of modified Si vacancies in 4H-SiC Nanophotonics, Vol. 11, p. 4565-4580 Continue to DOI
Son Tien Nguyen, Danial Shafizadeh, T. Ohshima, Ivan Gueorguiev Ivanov (2022) Modified divacancies in 4H-SiC Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 132, Article 025703 Continue to DOI


Danial Shafizadeh, Majid Shalchian, Farzan Jazaeri (2021) Charge-based modeling of ultra narrow junctionless cylindrical nanowire FETs Solid-State Electronics, Vol. 185, Article 108153 Continue to DOI