Photo of Elis Carlberg Larsson

Elis Carlberg Larsson

PhD student

My research involves investigating various social mechanisms that operate in social systems. 

PhD candidate in Analytical Sociology


In my research, I investigate various social mechanisms that operate in social systems. I do this in several projects. In one project, we investigate the causes and consequences of xenophobic attitudes. In a second project, we examine religious disaffiliation in Sweden, with a focus on the role of social ties in the growth dynamics of religious organizations. Thirdly, I am involved in a project investigating sexual attitudes over the past 90 years in Sweden using different large-scale text corpora. In my research, I utilize computational techniques, such as text analysis, agent-based modeling, and machine learning to analyze large-scale datasets, including Swedish register data and newspaper data.

Register data management

I maintain the micro-level Swedish population register data that IAS researchers have access to.

Academic background

Prior to starting my PhD at IAS, I received a bachelor's degree in sociology from Stockholm University and a master's degree in computational social science from Linköping University.



Elis Carlberg Larsson, Emanuel Wittberg, Susanne Wallman Lundåsen (2022) Variations in vaccination uptake: COVID-19 vaccination rates in Swedish municipalities PLOS Global Public Health, Vol. 2, Article e0001204 Continue to DOI