Photo of Elisabeth Qvarnström

Elisabeth Qvarnström


I've always been fascinated by text and images, which is why working with web and communications feels so right for me.

Communication, web and graphic design

I work with communication, web and graphic design, partly in
the LEN Department (Teaching, Aesthetics, Natural Sciences) and partly within ISV’s central information department.

A big part of my job is making and updating course information pages for the LEN and Social Work departments in (Polopoly) and the ISV Internal pages.

My work tasks also include responsibility for home pages, programmes, flyers etc. for large conferences and conferences such as the After-school centre biennial.

My central work tasks include being responsible for employee presentations in the following departments: LEN (incl. MTS, Pedagogiskt Arbete and TekNaD), as web editor in SiteCore for LEN and graphic design.

I also provide back up for Linda Fredrikson.

Communication within VS