I did my medical training in Iceland and Norway, graduate education at the Karolinska Institute and specialist training in Clinical Chemistry at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.

Appointed professor of Neurochemistry at Linköping University in 1995, I currently has h-index of 64 (ISI).

Consultant work in general clinical chemistry, endocrinology, haematology and quality management and head of Laboratory medicine at Region Östergötland 1996-2001.

I have served as president of the section and of the board of U.E.M.S. Medical Biopathology and as chair of the Scientific committee of the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM).

I am a member of the JCTLM Working Group on Traceability, Education and Promotion (WG-TEP) and a Swedish national representative to Eurachem.


Latest publications