Division of Clinical Chemistry and Pharmacology (KKF)

The Division of Clinical Chemistry and Pharmacology (KKF) conducts research that includes the subject areas of anesthesiology/intensive care, pharmacology and clinical pharmacology, forensic sciences and clinical chemistry.

The overall goal of the research is to improve diagnosis and treatment by developing new drugs, mapping and using new methods to predict and reduce the risk of serious side effects in e.g. cancer treatment, intensive care and hemostasis disorders. The research also includes projects aimed at solving crimes with the help of advanced analysis and AI, identifying and characterizing new online drugs etc.

The division teaches at basic and advanced level in medical, biomedical and technical education as well as conducts doctoral education.

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Picture taken in the corridor of an emergency department in a hospital. A health worker is seen walking towards the camera with a stretcher.

Emergency Medicine Research Center

The research and development unit of the Emergency Department at Linköping University Hospital was started in 2016. In 2021, the Emergency Department became Sweden's first university healthcare unit in emergency medicine.

blood droplet in red microscope light

Haemostasis Research Group in Linköping

We study regulation of platelet activation and interaction with coagulation from biochemistry and genes to clinical studies on antithrombotic drugs in cardiovascular diseases and how covid-19 causes thrombosis. We also develop new diagnostic methods.

Bone, mineralization and vascular calcification

Mineralization occurs normally in bone but has, nevertheless, much in common with the pathological process of vascular calcification, which inevitably leads to increased morbidity and mortality.


Picture from the emergency department at Linköping US.

Triaging tomorrow: Hyperspectral imaging redefines emergency care

Each year, more than 2 million patients in Sweden visit an emergency department. These departments often experience crowding leading to a rise in return visits and increased mortality. A WCMM project will target shortcomings of current triage tools.

Profile picture.

Region Östergötland's new research prize goes to Daniel Wilhelms

Region Östergötland's new research prize for young researchers in 2023 goes to Daniel Wilhelms, docent and senior physician in emergency care at the University Hospital in Linköping.

Male researcher in lab, blue background light.

SEK 13 million for research into solving murders using AI

Was it murder, poisoning or was the death maybe caused by disease? Researchers have now been granted SEK 13 million from the Swedish Research Council to develop a methodology to solve crimes using detailed analyses and artificial intelligence.