Laughter and excitement in young children’s social worlds

I study the everyday life of Swedish children in relation to moral and emotional socialization. My research interests concern preschool and how laughter and excitement are used as a communicative tool in socializing practices in preschool and peer groups.

I am part of the project 'Communicating emotions, embodying morality' - A socio-cultural perspective on children's moral and emotional socialization in families and preschools. My part in the project relates to preschool and how children use excitement and laughter as a means of communication to engage in social interaction. By studying how teachers and children respond to communicative practices, we can understand how these practices can be used as a socializing acts. My dissertation focuses on study how talk, gaze, gestures and posture are coordinated in situations where laughter and excitement occur, and what relationship moral and emotional socializing components have in everyday practice in Swedish preschool.

The study includes a video ethnography in preschool with a multimodal interaction analysis and CA (conversation analysis) to study how bodily practices are used in socializing emotional behaviors. The study is in sociocultural theories and social constructivism where coordination of linguistic and bodily practices (such as gestures, gaze, intonation and touch) are used to socialize emotional and moral actions within the preschool.

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Abstract: Creating a sense of togetherness through shared laugheter in children's interactions

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15th International Pragmatics Association (IPrA) held in Belfast, Northern Ireland (2017)

Områdesgruppen för tal och interaktion 35 (OFTI) held in Karlstad, Sweden (2017) abstract Exaggerative excitement as a way of engaging peers in play in a preschool setting

5th International Conference on Conversation Analysis (ICCA) held in Loughborough (2018) abstract Affective stances and announcements in young children’s social interactions: Everyday morality in recruiting a conversational partner

International institute for ethnomethodology and conversation analysis (IIEMCA) held in Mannheim, Germany (2019)

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