Future Organisation and Leadership

We are facing a paradigm shift. Technical development has allowed globalization and increased rate of change. One consequence of this is an increased complexity and thereby reduced predictability. We live in a world of predictable unpredictability and stable instability. We need to rethink why we do what we do. We need to do it now, as the future is already here.

My Purpose

Call me practical theorist or theoretical practitioner. Development is my driving force and I aim to increase the understanding of how we can develop successful value-creating organisations that utilise the opportunities of IT as well as the abilities and potential of people. This is my purpose both in the role of teacher, researcher and practitioner.

A New Way to Lead and Organise

We need to lead and organise in a new way. We need organizations that create conditions for increased flexibility, networking and innovation. Organizations that are doing well with people who feel well.

Future Leadership

Future leaders need to create conditions for the organization as a system to work in a value-creating way for the customers. In addition, leaders need to coach and support individuals and teams to make decisions themselves and take responsibility for the consequences. This requires enhanced engagement, responsibility and initiative of the individuals: An increased self-leadership.

The Digital Transformation

The ongoing digitisation drives the need for a new way of managing and organising. In addition, that follows a need for new abilities and, above all, a shift in mindset. The provision of skills and collective learning is central to ensuring continuous value creation and the right abilities.

Change Leadership

The ability to initiate, drive and implement changes is a key. This ability is needed both in formal leadership and in each one of the actors in the organisation and its network.

Research Interests

  • Leadership and Self-leadership
  • Change Work
  • Management and Organisation
  • Data-Driven Operations
  • Knowledge Management and Collective Learning

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Göran Goldkuhl, Annie Röstlinger, Ewa Braf (2002) Knowledge or Information Organisational Semiotics: Evolving a science of information systems


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Ph D Informatics, Linköping University 2004


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