Photo of Faezeh Alijan Farzad Lahiji

Faezeh Alijan Farzad Lahiji

PhD student



Faezeh Alijan Farzad Lahiji, Biplab Paul, Arnaud Le Febvrier, Per Eklund (2024) Unusual tilted growth and epitaxial relationship of NaCl B1-structured NiO and CrN on r-plane Al2O3 Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 135, Article 065302 Continue to DOI


Faezeh Alijan Farzad Lahiji, Samiran Bairagi, Roger Magnusson, Mauricio A. Sortica, Daniel Primetzhofer, Erik Ekström, Biplab Paul, Arnaud Le Febvrier, Per Eklund (2023) Growth and optical properties of NiO thin films deposited by pulsed dc reactive magnetron sputtering Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A. Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, Vol. 41, Article 063402 Continue to DOI
Faezeh Alijan Farzad Lahiji (2023) Epitaxy of oxide and nitride thin films grown by magnetron sputtering