Photo of Filipe Barbosa

Filipe Barbosa

PhD student



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Filipe Marques Barbosa, Anton Kullberg, Johan Löfberg (2023) Fast or Cheap: Time and Energy Optimal Control of Ship-to-Shore Cranes Special issue: 22nd IFAC World Congress, p. 3126-3131 Continue to DOI


Filipe Marques Barbosa, Johan Löfberg (2022) Time-optimal control of cranes subject to container height constraints Proceedings of 2022 American Control Conference (ACC), p. 3558-3563 Continue to DOI
Gustavo A. Prudencio de Morais, Lucas Barbosa Marcos, Filipe Barbosa, Bruno H. G. Barbosa, Marco Henrique Terra, Valdir Jr. Grassi (2022) Robust path-following control design of heavy vehicles based on multiobjective evolutionary optimization Expert systems with applications, Vol. 192, Article 116304 Continue to DOI