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Gulzada Beket



Gulzada Beket, Anton Zubayer, Qilun Zhang, Jochen Stahn, Fredrik Eriksson, Mats Fahlman, Thomas Osterberg, Jonas Bergqvist, Feng Gao (2023) Overcoming the voltage losses caused by the acceptor-based interlayer in laminated indoor OPVs SMARTMAT Continue to DOI
Xabier Rodriguez Martinez, Paula Hartnagel, Sergi Riera Lorente, Gulzada Beket, Thomas Osterberg, Feng Gao, Thomas Kirchartz, Olle Inganäs (2023) Air Processing of Thick and Semitransparent Laminated Polymer:Non-Fullerene Acceptor Blends Introduces Asymmetric Current-Voltage Characteristics Advanced Functional Materials, Vol. 33, Article 2301192 Continue to DOI