Photo of Guocai Chai

Guocai Chai

Adjunct Professor

Guocai Chai is Adjunct Professor in Engineering Materials since 2011.



Joakim Nordström, Zhihua Dong, Lisa Lautrup, Raveendra Siriki, Levente Vitos, Johan Moverare, Mattias Calmunger, Guocai Chai (2024) Temperature study of deformation twinning behaviour in Nickel-base Superalloy 625 Materials Science & Engineering: A, Article 146628 Continue to DOI
Darshan Chalapathi, Joakim Nordström, Raveendra Siriki, Lisa Lautrup, Guocai Chai, Anand K. Kanjarla (2024) Deformation twinning and the role of stacking fault energy during cryogenic testing of Ni-based superalloy 625 Materials Science & Engineering: A, Vol. 898, Article 146404 Continue to DOI
Zhenyu Zhu, Maolin Chen, Mingge He, Junliang Zhang, Yanyan Huang, Siqi Chen, Xuanyu Du, Guocai Chai, Qingyuan Wang (2024) Coupling life prediction of bending very high cycle fatigue of completion strings made of different materials using deep wise separable convolution Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures Continue to DOI
Zhenyu Zhu, Guocai Chai, Junliang Zhang, Xiaotao Li, Yanyan Huang, Jie Zhang, Chao Yu, Qingyuan Wang (2024) Origin of prestrain-induced cyclic-strain hardening: Multi-scale experimental characterizations and simulations of 7075 aluminum alloy Materials & design, Vol. 238, Article 112711 Continue to DOI
Guocai Chai, Raveendra Siriki, Qingyuan Wang (2024) On fatigue crack origin with a fine granular area in matrix without defect Materialia, Vol. 33, Article 102004 Continue to DOI