Photo of Ida Grundel

Ida Grundel

Assistant Professor, Docent

Transformation and sustainable development

Currently, I am involved in two research projects at Linköping university. The first project is on infrastructure in Swedish municipalities with a decreasing population, with a specific focus on energy systems.  The project runs from 2019 until 2021 and is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency. The second project started in December 2020 until the end of 2023 and concerns the role of urban and regional planning in promoting sustainability energy transitions in the Swedish transport sector. This project is also financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.

Research on local and regional development 

My research has mainly touched upon aspects of local and regional development and planning. In my thesis: Becoming the Attractive Region – A Study of
Contemporary Regionalization Processes I explored different expressions of regionalism(s) and regionalisation processes. The two case studies represented two different kind of regions, Värmland and the Scandinavian 8 Million City. The study showed how a strong focus on city-regions as growth engines, competitiveness and a place attractiveness have become the norm for regional development and planning. 

After finalizing my thesis I was part of several research projects on the transformation to a sustainable forest-based bioeconomy. The main focus of the projects has been on the role of regional innovation systems in the transformation to a more sustainable society.  A transition to sustainable forest-based bioeconomy does not only involve a change of production systems but also a change of consumer behaviours, norms and values. The challenge of achieving sustainability is the need to transform the whole society, which requires structural changes beyond production chains. We need more knowledge of sustainability transition processes, for example, about the role of civil society in developing social innovations, ecosystem services or active participation in regional innovation systems.


I have been teaching in courses in human geography, urban and regional planning and tourism since 2009. Since I started at Linköping University in February 2020, I am mainly teaching in the Bachelor programme in Urban and Regional Planning and on the Master in Strategic Urban and Regional Planning.



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