Photo of Jan Axelsson

Jan Axelsson

Director of Collaboration

Collaboration with society around us is a cornerstone of the success of our university. It links our education to the labour market, strengthens the relevance of our research, and makes it possible for knowledge gained to benefit society extensively.

An entrepreneur who straddles boundaries

For Jan Axelsson, working in the interface between the academic world and the surrounding society is extremely stimulating and rewarding. In various roles and in organisational forms, both within the university and outside of it, he has worked to strengthen the processes of collaboration, innovation and utilisation within the university and the region. This has included work to increase the professionalism of these processes.

As Director of Collaboration, Jan Axelsson is motivated by his drive and passion for the value-building interaction between academia and society.

Through the years he has built up a broad network of contacts and his research has been carried out largely in the business sector. For him, the balance between action research and development was extremely subtle, and he has continually applied newfound knowledge by working in consultancy, even when a doctoral student. His research developed into a well-defined form, and the methods he developed are increasingly in demand from the community and the business sector.

Collaboration with Linköping University