Modelling defects in silicon carbide

My main research topic is modeling of defects in silicon carbide. This is done using the high through put approach, i.e., I construct as many different defects as possible, run theoretic calculations and add the results to a database. This will hopefully help to identify unknown defects in silicon carbide.

As a side project, I am developing a finite element code to compute orbital-free density functional theory. This code will hopefully produce fast but rough estimates for the stability of a material. Hence, help to find new materials.



Joel Davidsson, Viktor Ivády, Rickard Armiento, Son Tien Nguyen, Adam Gali, Igor Abrikosov

First principles predictions of magneto-optical data for semiconductor point defect identification: the case of divacancy defects in 4H-SiC

In New Journal of Physics

Article in journal


Viktor Ivády, Joel Davidsson, Tien Son Nguyen, Takeshi Ohshima, Igor Abrikosov, Adam Gali

Identification of Si-vacancy related room-temperature qubits in 4H silicon carbide

In Physical Review B

Article in journal


Kati Finzel, Joel Davidsson, Igor Abrikosov

Energy-Surfaces from the Upper Bound of the Pauli Kinetic Energy

In International Journal of Quantum Chemistry

Article in journal