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Joel Davidsson


My research focuses on point defects in semiconductors for quantum technologies.


I am searching for point defects with suitable properties for quantum applications. To this end, I use high-throughput first-principles calculations.

Point defects in semiconductors are excellent for quantum technologies such as single-photon emitters and qubits. Qubits are used in quantum computers to perform specific computations orders of magnitude faster than classical computers. However, only a few point defect systems are currently being studied and used, as identifying a point defect is a time-consuming and data-intensive process. The space of possible point defects in various host materials is vast!

My research aims to find suitable point defects for quantum applications.

I use high-throughput first-principles calculations based on density functional theory to achieve this, specifically as the main developer of ADAQ (Automatic Defect Analysis and Qualification), a software platform for automatic workflows for high-throughput calculations of point defects in semiconductors. Using this software, we have created a database of the most relevant defect properties. I also lead the ADAQ Database Initiative, which continuously releases the calculated data through an online web interface. Access the ADAQ defect database to explore point defects in various host materials. We have identified and predicted several interesting defects; see publications for more details.

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