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John Laurence Esguerra


Techno-economic and environmental assessments of emerging systems. Material Flow Analysis | Life Cycle Assessment | Life Cycle Costing | Sensitivity Analysis

Curriculum Vitae


2022  PhD in Sustainable Systems, Linköping University, Sweden

2021   PhD in Applied Economics, University of Antwerp, Belgium

2016  MSc in Industrial Ecology, Leiden University, Netherlands; Delft University of Technology, Netherlands;  Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

2012  BSc in Chemistry, University of the Philippines


2022-24  Postdoctoral Researcher, Linköping University

2016-22  Teaching Assistant, Linköping University

2012-14  Teaching Assistant, University of the Philippines

Scholarships and Grants

2024-2028 Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg

2024 - IEI SEED Funding

2022 - IEI International Collaboration Grant

2016-20 EU Marie Curie PhD Scholarship

2014-16 EU Erasmus Mundus MSc Scholarship




John Laurence Esguerra, Annica Carlsson, Stefan Anderberg, Joakim Johansson (2023) Trade-offs between material efficiency and environmental performance for managing plastics packaging waste Proceeding of the 11th International Conference on Industrial Ecology
Giovanna Sauve, John Laurence Esguerra, David Laner, Joakim Johansson, Niclas Svensson, Steven Van Passel, Karel Van Acker (2023) Integrated early-stage environmental and economic assessment of emerging technologies and its applicability to the case of plasma gasification Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 382, Article 134684 Continue to DOI
Tomohiko Sakao, Wisdom Kanda, John Laurence Esguerra, Anthony Shun Fung Chiu (2023) Beyond the global north: Adopting a global perspective for sustainable consumption and production Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Vol. 193, Article 106965 Continue to DOI


John Laurence Esguerra (2021) Developing strategies for improved economic performance and reduced climate impact of landfill mining in Europe
John Esguerra, David Laner, Niclas Svensson, Joakim Krook (2021) Landfill mining in Europe: Assessing the economic potential of value creation from generated combustibles and fines residue Waste Management, Vol. 126, p. 221-230 Continue to DOI


2024-28 Eco-cycle analysis for upscaling of future energy conversion technologiesMarianne and Marcus Wallenberg

2024 Sustainable and circular management of end-of-life textiles from households, IEI Seed Funding

2022-24 A fair trial between circular economy and toxic-free environment, FORMAS

2022-23 Resource-efficient recycling systems for plastics packaging, Kamprad Foundation

2018-21 Landfill mining - creating resources by solving an environmental problem, Re:Source

2017-19 Mining the European Anthroposphere, EU COST-Action

2016-20 Resource Recovery Through Enhanced Landfill Mining, EU Marie Curie


PhD Course

6FIEI28 Environmental systems Analysis tools (Course Examiner)

Masters Courses

 TKMJ53    Perspectives on energy and environmental systems

TKMJ55    Industrial ecology

TMPE10    Advanced project course