A critical perspective on energy, technology and economics

Green innovations and new economic solutions are highlighted as solutions to, among other things, the climate problem. It is unclear how these concepts and linked practices contribute to a social transformation. My research and teaching take a critical perspective on issues concerning the environment, energy and the economy of a society in alleged transformation.

I study innovations such as passive houses and ideas about circular economies from a social science perspective. I want to understand how these innovations develop, how they are used by different actors, and what social impact they have. My research is not about evaluating whether these ideas are sustainable. Instead, I study alleged sustainable innovations by following how they are used in practice by relevant social actors from many different sectors of society.

I analyze the growing discourse and the practice of building projects with sustainability ambitions, as well as attempts to develop a more circular economy. For example, I study the role of passive houses in different sectors, as well as how repair practices develop in the circular economy in countries inside and outside of Europe.

Teaching environmental issues and planning

My teaching focuses on technology, innovations and the environment from social science and critical perspectives. I lecture in several courses, in community planning and in the bachelor program in environmental science and in the master's program Science for sustainable development. I am also responsible for the course Sustainability, Environment and Social Change on the Bachelor Program in Urban Planning and for the course Urban Planning on the Bachelor Program in Civic Logistics. I have a bachelor's degree in environmental science and a master's degree in political science with an emphasis on international relations. I have previous experience of working as a technical consultant and managing energy-related projects in the private and public sectors.







Research project