Photo of Johanna Sefyrin

Johanna Sefyrin

Associate Professor, Head of Division



Malin Granath, Johanna Sefyrin, Björn Johansson (2023) The smart meter as a boundary object-insights from an empirical case European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2023
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Johanna Sefyrin, Mariana S. Gustafsson (2022) Repair of Unstable Sociomaterial Relations: A Study on Librarians' and Social Workers' Practices in Addressing the Needs of Their Clients HUMAN CHOICE AND DIGITAL BY DEFAULT: AUTONOMY VS DIGITAL DETERMINATION, HCC 2022, p. 36-46 Continue to DOI


Mariana S. Gustafsson, Johanna Sefyrin (2021) Repairment of Unstable Sociomaterial Relations: A study on librarians' and social workers' roles and practices in addressing the complex needs of vulnerable groups
Johanna Sefyrin, Mariana S. Gustafsson, Elin Wihlborg (2021) Addressing digital diversity: Care matters in vulnerable digital relations in a Swedish library context Science and Public Policy, Vol. 48, p. 841-848 Continue to DOI