Photo of Johan Renner

Johan Renner

Associate Professor



Johan Renner, Magnus Andersson, Karl Storck, Petter Ekman (2016) Real-world Engineering Projects in a Master Level Course Proceedings of the International CDIO Conference


Jonas Lantz, Johan Renner, Toste Länne, Matts Karlsson (2015) Is aortic wall shear stress affected by aging? An image-based numerical study with two age groups Medical Engineering and Physics, Vol. 37, p. 265-271 Continue to DOI


Kjell Simonsson, Johan Renner, Peter Hallberg, Maria Simonsson (2014) Kamratutvärdering i kurser med stort datorlaborativt inslag


Joakim Wren, Johan Renner, Matts Karlsson (2013) THERMODYNAMICS OF MAN - A CDIO-APPROACH TO UNDERSTANDHUMAN PHYSIOLOGY FROM THE FIRST PRINCIPLE Proceedings of the 9th International CDIO Conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard UniversitySchool of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 9 – 13, 2013
Shohreh Maleki, Hanna M. Björck, Lasse Folkersen, R. Nilsson, Johan Renner, K. Caidahl, A. Franco‐Cereceda, Toste Länne, Per Eriksson (2013) Identification of a novel flow-mediated gene expression signature in patients with bicuspid aortic valve Journal of Molecular Medicine, Vol. 91, p. 129-139 Continue to DOI