Applied Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics (MVS)

Applied Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics is a division at the Department of Management and Engineering. We conduct research and eduction in close collaboration with the industry. 


The work at the Division of Applied Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics includes heat transfer, aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, biological flows and thermodynamics, with emphasis on applications and computations. Our work is carried out with the university’s three goals in mind: solid teaching, research and collaboration within the industry.


Courses are given in thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics on both basic and advanced levels. Our research in mainly focused on Biofluid Mechanics, Computational Aerodynamics and Industrial Heat Transfer, which spans from blood flow within the body to cooling of gas turbines. A connection with the industry is maintained through master thesis, project courses and research projects.

If you are interested in our courses, master thesis or just curious, feel free to contact us!

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