Photo of Joost Wiskerke

Joost Wiskerke

Principal Research Engineer

Manager of the technical platform for optogenetics and optical imaging. I am available to all research groups for consultation, training and hands-on assistance with experiments involving techniques such as optogenetics and fiber photometry.


Publications in DiVA


Esi Domi, Li Xu, Sanne Toivainen Eloff, Joost Wiskerke, Andrea Coppola, Lovisa Holm, Eric Augier, Michele Petrella, Markus Heilig (2023) Activation of GABA(B) receptors in central amygdala attenuates activity of PKC delta plus neurons and suppresses punishment-resistant alcohol self-administration in rats Neuropsychopharmacology, Vol. 48, p. 1386-1395 Continue to DOI


Johan Pieslinger, Joost Wiskerke, Kajsa Igelström (2022) Contributions of face processing, social anhedonia and mentalizing to the expression of social autistic-like traits Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, Vol. 16, Article 1046097 Continue to DOI
Riccardo Barchiesi, Kanat Chanthongdee, Michele Petrella, Li Xu, Simon Söderholm, Esi Domi, Gaëlle Augier, Andrea Coppola, Joost Wiskerke, Ilona Szczot, Ana Domi, Louise Adermark, Eric Augier, Claudio Cantù, Markus Heilig, Estelle Barbier (2022) An epigenetic mechanism for over-consolidation of fear memories Molecular Psychiatry, Vol. 27, p. 4893-4904 Continue to DOI


Maryam Azadi, Parisa Moazen, Joost Wiskerke, Saeed Semnanian, Hossein Azizi (2021) Preconception paternal morphine exposure leads to an impulsive phenotype in male rat progeny Psychopharmacology, Vol. 238, p. 3435-3446 Continue to DOI


Joost Wiskerke, Heléne Stern, Kajsa Igelström (2018) Camouflaging of repetitive movements in autistic female and transgender adults


About me

I obtained a PhD in Neuroscience from the VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Before coming to Linköping, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University and Rutgers University in the USA. My previous research has given me expertise in brain mechanisms of reward, and in cognitive functions such as response inhibition and decision-making.

My future goal is to develop myself as an independent scientist with a research program studying how the brain orchestrates higher-order behaviors and cognition. I am particularly interested in how these processes get disturbed when people suffer from mental disorders or neurological diseases.

When not at work, I like to spend time in the outdoors (running, hiking, biking and kayaking), do yoga/go to the gym, or hang out with my family and friends for a movie or a board game.


  • 2007–2013 Ph.D. in Neuroscience, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Ph.D. advisors: Prof. Anton N.M. Schoffelmeer & Dr. Tommy Pattij
  • 2004–2007 M.Sc. in Neuroscience, with Exchange Program, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (This is an internationally oriented honors program for the top 5–10% students of the Master Neurosciences program). Major: Neurogenomics
  • 2001–2004 B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands