Urban and regional planning and development in society 

How can planning create a sustainable society? Urban and regional planning is one of the most powerful local instruments we have to shape urban and regional development, to create the sustainable cities of tomorrow. How this can be done is the driving force of my research and teaching.

Sustainable urban and regional planning is one of today's biggest challenges, especially in view of the urbanization that is taking place around the world. Many cities and regions face major challenges when it comes to infrastructure projects. We have the possibility to integrate sustainability (environmental, social and economic) into the planning processes of urban infrastructure projects. But it isn’t happening, yet. Most planning practices lack both the strategies and the instruments to assess, adapt to and shape the social and environmental consequences of ongoing, rapid, technological change. This is particularly true for the energy and transport sectors. We must facilitate sustainable and socially inclusive innovations in these sectors, paying close attention to their impacts both on land use and strategic planning. These are some of the issues central to my research.

In my current research project “Planning for a sustainable energy transition”, regional and municipal actors are studied to understand how they act when it comes to energy transitions in society. This project will identify and, in collaboration with regional and municipal actors, further develop instruments and tools that give urban and regional planners a more active role in shaping a sustainable energy transition.

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  • 2014
    Deputy Senior Lecturer, linköpings University
  • 2014
    Doctors degree in Human Geography from Stockholm University. 
  • 2006
    Master degree (Magister) in Human Geography is from Stockholm University 
  • 2004
    Bachelor degree in Human Geography, tourismprogram from Linné University


  • Geography, (human geography, economic geography)
  • Tourism studies 
  • Urban and regional planning

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