Professor Svensson’s research is about developmental work in different forms, mainly projects. The focus is on long term effects and how these can be explained. He has also developed a theory about interactive research and tried it out in different contexts.    

Research projects, groups and networks 


FoU-rum in Jönköping 

 Is organising a network of 10 universities with a focus on interactive research for a sustainable working life. 


PhD 1984. 

Adjunct professor 2001 

Professor 2007



Maria Bennich, Lennart Svensson, Göran Brulin

Interactive research: a joint learning process with the unions

In Action research for democracy

Chapter in book


Lennart Svensson, Göran Brulin, Per-Erik Ellström

Interactive research and ongoing evaluation as joint learning processes

In Sustainable development in organizations

Chapter in book


Lennart Svensson, Göran Brulin

Lärande som drivkraft och för utveckling

In Lärande i arbetslivet

Chapter in book

Göran Bulin, Lennart Svensson

Advances in Project Management. Narrated Journeys in Unchartered Territory

In Sustainable Change in Large Projects’

Chapter in book

Lennart Svensson

Arbetsrelationer och lärandemiljöer

In Lärande i arbetslivet

Chapter in book