Industrial Digitisation and Smart Automation

Luis has been working on the foundations for smart automation solutions based on cyber-physical components since his master studies in Electrical Engineering, in Lisbon, in 2007. He pursued a PhD in this very same area entitled “Diagnosis in Evolvable Production Systems” and recently became an Associate Professor in Manufacturing Engineering with the public lecture entitled “Design and Assessment of Cyber-Physical Production Systems, An Architectural View”.

International Research & Industry Cooperation

Luis has developed his research internationally and always in close cooperation with industry. He has participated in several international research projects from the 6th, 7th and H2020 European Research Programmes, and several Portuguese national projects which resulted in the development of several demonstrators and prototypes at different technology readiness levels. Previous projects include:

  • FP7 PRIME Project - Plug and PRoduce Intelligent Multi Agent Environment based on Standard Technology
  • FP7 IDEAS Project - Instantly Deployable Evolvable Assembly Systems
  • FP7 Self-Learning Project- Reliable Self-Learning Production Systems Based on Context Aware Services
  • National Portuguese Project - NEMO&CODED - NEtworked MOnitoring & COntrol Diagnostic for Electrical Distribution
  • FP6 InLife Project- Integrated Ambient Intelligence and Knowledge Based Services for Optimal Life-Cycle Impact of Complex Manufacturing and Assembly Lines
  • FP6 EUPASS Project - Evolvable Ultra-precision Assembly Systems


Luis is the principal investigator in the international research project from the  H2020  research programme, entitled “openMos - Open dynamic Manufacturing Operating System for Smart Plug-and-Produce Automation Components.”

He is a member of the IEEE, IEEE Technical Committee on Industrial Agents, IEEE Technical Committee on Cybernetics for Intelligent Industrial Systems  and the chair of the Factory Automation subgroup of the IEEE P2660.1 Working Group (Recommendation Practices on Industrial Agents: Integration of Software Agents and Low Level Automation Functions).

He has also worked as a freelance consultant and software engineer in the development of automated decision support and control tools for the automotive industry.

Industries 4.0



Luis is examiner and has designed and developed several courses related to automation, including the course on Emerging Factory Technologies, that intends to train and prepare students into the mindset and challenges of future industrial automation systems as well as the courses Industrial Automation and Automation of Production Systems that prepare the students for today’s automation challenges using the latest automation technologies.

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