Product Realisation (PROD)

The Division of Product Realisation belongs to the Department of Economic and Industrial Development (IEI). The department conducts education at the basic and advanced level, research and postgraduate education.


Conferences and defence of doctoral and licentiate theses

14 June 2024

Public defense of licentiate thesis in Machine design: Sanjay Nambiar

10.15 am – 1.00 pm ACAS, A Building, Campus Valla, Linköping

Sanjay Nambiar at the Division of Product Realisation, Department of Management and Engineering, defends his thesis entitled "Advancements in Dynamic Industrial Automation: Transformative Solutions and Digital Twin Implementation". Supervisor is Mehdi Tarkian, senior associate professor, Linköping University. Opponent is Fredrik Danielsson, professor, University West. The event is open to the public. Language: English.


Mehdi Tarkian


Three people behind a drill

Their project must stand up to a space trip

The students from LiU were given a dream assignment: develop a pressure-resistant device. A device that contains an experiment. And is to be launched into space.

Pablo Montoyo Gomis testing voice-controlled prosthesis.

LiU student creates affordable voice-controlled prosthesis

Imagine having a hand prosthesis for only 250 euros that you can control with your own voice. That's exactly what Pablo Montoyo Gomis, an exchange student from Spain, has developed.

Group of researchers, entreprenours and others by meeting table.

Graphene - a material with potential of being a game changer

Can the 2D material graphene increase the durability of natural fibers? LiU researchers will now study this in collaboration with a number of actors.




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