Photo of Magnus Andersson

Magnus Andersson

Associate Professor



Thisal Mandula Sugathapala, Twan Bakker, Aryan Delir, Rahul Gudur Suresh, Marcus Jansson, Magnus Andersson (2022) Towards Cavitation Predictions in Oil-Hydraulic Flows
Marcus Jansson, Magnus Andersson, Matts Karlsson (2022) High-Speed Imaging of Water Hammer Cavitation in Oil-Hydraulic Pipe Flow Fluids, Vol. 7, Article 102 Continue to DOI


Magnus Andersson (2021) Turbulence Descriptors in Arterial Flows: Patient-Specific Computational Hemodynamics
Magnus Andersson, Matts Karlsson (2021) Model Verification and Error Sensitivity of Turbulence-Related Tensor Characteristics in Pulsatile Blood Flow Simulations Fluids, Vol. 6, Article 11 Continue to DOI
Magnus Andersson, Matts Karlsson (2021) Characterization of anisotropic turbulence behavior in pulsatile blood flow Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology, Vol. 20, p. 491-506 Continue to DOI