Photo of Magnus Odén

Magnus Odén

Professor, Head of Division




Sanjay Kumar Nayak, Tun-Wei Hsu, Robert Boyd, Jens Gibmeier, Norbert Schell, Jens Birch, Lina Rogström, Magnus Odén (2024) Dynamic evolution of internal stress, grain growth, and crystallographic texture in arc-evaporated AlTiN thin films using in-situ synchrotron x-ray diffraction Acta Materialia, Vol. 272, Article 119899 Continue to DOI
Janella Salamania, Florian Bock, L. J. S. Johnson, Ferenc Tasnadi, K. M. Calamba Kwick, Alireza Farhadizadeh, Igor Abrikosov, Lina Rogström, Magnus Odén (2024) High temperature decomposition and age hardening of single-phase wurtzite Ti1−xAlxN thin films grown by cathodic arc deposition Physical Review Materials, Vol. 8, Article 013602 Continue to DOI
Maiara Moreno, Jon Martin Andersson, Jens Eriksson, Per Alm, K. Hedström, Rachid M'Saoubi, Isabella Citlalli Schramm, Norbert Schell, Mats P. Johansson-Jöesaar, Magnus Odén, Lina Rogström (2024) Strain and phase evolution in TiAlN coatings during high-speed metal cutting: An in operando high-energy x-ray diffraction study Acta Materialia, Vol. 263, Article 119538 Continue to DOI


Emil Kalered, Giane Benvinda Damas, Peter Mäkie, Per-Olov Käll, Magnus Odén, Lars Ojamäe (2023) Infrared Fingerprints of the CO2 Conversion into Methanol at Cu(s)/ZrO2(s): An Experimental and Theoretical Study ChemCatChem, Article e202300886 Continue to DOI
Lina Rogström, Maiara Moreno, J. M. Andersson, M. P. Johansson-Jöesaar, Magnus Odén, K. Klementiev, Lars-Åke Näslund, Martin Magnuson (2023) Structural changes in Ti1-xAlxN coatings during turning: A XANES and EXAFS study of worn tools Applied Surface Science, Vol. 612, Article 155907 Continue to DOI