Nanostructured Materials (NANO)

The scientific aim of the group conforms to the material science paradigm: understanding of the synthesis, microstructure evolution and fundamental knowledges of material properties of nanostructured materials of industrial interest.

photo form nano-structured materials-research


The research in the group aims at understanding and take advantage of the interplay between synthesis, microstructure evolution and material properties to gain fundamental materials science and develop new and improved materials to be used in society. We work with both experiments and theory in order to gain deeper understanding on the material evolution on the nanoscale.

Hard coatings

Nanostructured hard coatings are used as protective surface layers to enhance the integrity of the surface, e.g. the life time of cutting tools is extend by such layers. We focus on developing new and novel hard coatings, which includes understanding the physics of PVD synthesis of thin films, the correlations between nanostructure and properties, thermal behavior, and surface functionality.

Mesoporous materials

green microscope photoNanostructured materials. Mesoporous materials have pores in the size range of 2-50 nm, resulting in a large specific surface area (500-1000 m2/g). We focus on understanding how processing parameters affect the formation process and characteristics of mesoporous oxides and use materials in drug delivery, sensing, and catalysis.

Doctoral education