Professor Magnus Willander was full professor in nanophysics and mesoscopic physics in the Department of Physics in Gothenburg University between 1995 and 2006 and from 2006 he is full professor in Department of Science and Technology (ITN), Linköping University. He has been visiting scientist several times in Tokyo Institute of Technology, guest professor in Gothenburg University during 2008 and 2009. His research focuses on materials and devices and he combines experimental and theoretical research in these areas. He has published around 850 papers and seven books.

Academic qualifications

1973-12-20 Malmö, Pedagogical University, Degree in teaching
1974-02-03 Lund University, M. Sc. (Exp. Phys.,Theor. Phys., Math. and Stat.) Fil. Kand.
1976-09-29 Uppsala University, M. Sc. (Engineering Physics) and Civ. ing. (teknisk fysik)
1977-09-06 Stockholm University, M. Sc. (Economics) Fil. kand.
1984-05-14 Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Dr. Sci. (Physics), PhD.
1988-11-29 Linköping University, University Docent (Associate Prof.) Physics


1973-1974 Teacher (Phys. and Math.), Landskrona Gymnasium and Ulricehamn Realskola
1976-1980 Development engineer Philips Corp., Stockholm (Electronics)
1980-1984 Assistant Dept. of Phys., Royal Inst. of Technology, Stockholm
1984-1985 Specialist (Electronics), Nobel Industries, Stockholm
1985-1995 Senior Lecturer Department of Physics, Linköping University
1995-2008 Full Professor, Department of Physics, Gothenburg University
From 2006 to present Full Professor (Physical electronics and nanotechnology, Linköping University)
2008-2009 Guest professor Gothenburg University (20%)

Duties, achievements and awards

Member of International Science Programme advisory board in Uppsala University.
Member of Editorial Board in Recent Patents on Electrical Engineering, Bentham Science Publications.
Consulting Professor, Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics 1994.
Elite Visiting Professor at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2011-2012.
Member of the Honorary Editorial Board of Solid State Electronics since 1997.
Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Modern Physics (from 2010)
Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of  Nanoscience Letters (from 2011).
Member of the Editorial Board of Chemical Sensors (from 2011).
Member of the Editorial Board of High Speed Electronics and Systems (from 2010).
Distinguished Guest Scientist, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 1999, 2002, 2006.
Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Materials Science since 2000.
Guest Editor in Applied Physics, A. 2001.
Prize for the best Environmental Innovation in Sweden 2005.
Member of the Editorial Board of African Physical Review (supported by ICTP, Trieste, Italy), since 2006.
Guest Editor in Materials, 2011.
More than 850 original articles in experimental and theoretical physics, electronics and photonics and applied mathematics published in international journals.
More than 120 invited lectures at international conferences.
More than 60 international review articles.
Author of 8 international scientific books.
Since autumn 1992, 21 Ph.D. students have got their degrees under my personal guidance and 6 students have passed the  Licentiate exam.
Organizer of section “Functional Materials” in the MRS meeting in 2007 in Boston, USA.
Organizer of the section “Energy harvesting” in the MRS meeting in 2012 in San Francisco, USA.
Reviewer of  many international research funding agencies and scientific journals.
Opponent and examiner for several Ph.D. dissertations abroad.
Evaluation of many professorships in Sweden and abroad.
An award called “Magnus Willander award” in the area of nanosensors will be announced annually from May 2011 by the scientific publisher Simplex Academic Publishers in the journal Chemical Sensors.
Second issue of J. of Nanoscience Letters (Simplex Academic Publishers) dedicated to Magnus Willander, 2011.

Entrepreneurial achievements

Started up a company in Nano-science (2004), started a research group in Linköping University (1985), and a research group in Gothenburg University (1994), and again a research group in Linköping University (2006) all from level zero.


Undergraduate teaching in semiconductor technology/semiconductor physics and solid-state electronics. (I have developed and I was responsible for these courses 1985-1995 at the University of Linköping).
Solid-state electronics was also a Ph.D. course. I have also been responsible for several electronic and optoelectronic courses for the industry. 
General responsibility for undergraduate courses in electronics at the University of Gothenburg since 1995. I have the responsibility of teaching different graduate courses (Ph. D. courses).
Ph. D. courses in Linköping University since 2006.


American Physical Society

Coordinator of EU projects 

"Nandos" 2005-2008
"Nanocell" 2002-2005
"Optical and electro-optical studies of novel MBE-grown nanostructures based on Be chalcogenides and related alloys" 1999-2001
"Spin and intersubband relaxation in two dimensional systems" 2002-2004.
I have participated in more than 15 EU projects.

Ph.D. supervision

I have been the main supervisor (handledare) of the following students (totally 25):
D.X. Xu (1991) 
G.D. Shen (1991)(with Prof. G. Hansson)
M. Karlsteen (1994)
Q. Chen (1993) 
A. Assadi (1994) 
Q. Ul Wahab, (1994)
A. Ouacha (1995)
O. Nur (1996)Y.B. Wang (1997)
S.M. Cao (1997) 
A. Kindlihagen (1997)
T. Johansson (1998)
Y. Yousif (2001) 
H. Ouacha (2002) 
A. P. Jacob (2002)
P. Sundqvist (2003) 
Tobias Myrberg (2004) 
Zakaria Chiragwandi (2006)
P. Klason (2008) 
A. Fulati (2010) 
M. Riaz (2010)
L.L. Yang (2010)(with QX Zhao) 
Naveed ul Hassan (2011) 
M. Asif (2011)
M. Israr Qadir (2011)  

18 students of them got at once post-doc positions, 2 become professors very fast, and 3 continued with industrial technical research.

Some recent (from 2006) invited and plenary talks at international conferences 

European Materials Research Society Meeting (EMRS) in Nice, France, (2006).
International Workshop “Tera- and Nano-Devices: Physics and Modeling” IWTND-06 University of Aizu, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan (2006).
2nd International Seminar on Micro and Nano Technology 2006, (MINAPIM-2006) ''Microtechnology meets Nanotechnology, What happens when life sciences meet nanotechnology ?'' Manaus, Brazil (2006). 
International Bhurban Conference on Applied Science and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan, (2007). 
4th Peruan Congress on Science and Technology of Materials, Lima, Peru (2007).
International Workshop on Tera- and Nano-Devices: Physics and Modeling, Aizu, Japan, (2007).
SPIE, Photonics West, in San Jose, USA, (2007).
15th international Symposium: Nanostructures: Physics and Technology (Novosibirsk, Russia (2007).
The 8th Workshop on Biosensors and Bioanalytical micro-Techniques in Environmental and Clinical Analysis, Goa, India, (2007).
The 34th International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors (ISCS2007), Kyoto, Japan, (2007).
Nano and Giga Challenges in Electronics and Photonics From Atoms to Materials to Devices to System Architecture, Phoenix Arizona USA ( 2007).
Electrochemical Society Meeting (ECS), Cancun, Mexico, 2007.
SPIE, Photonics West, San Jose, USA, (2008).
Third International Conference on Optical, Optoelectronic and Photonic Materials and Applications  ICOOOMPA-08, Edmonton, Canada, (2008).
Electrochemical Society Meeting (ECS), Honolulu, USA, (2008).
International Symposium on Graphene Devices: Technology, Physics, and Modeling, Aizu, Japan, (2008).
Electrochemical Society Meeting, San Francisco, USA, (2009).
NATO Conference on Biosensors, 2011.
SPIE, Photonic West, (two invited talks), San Francisco, January, 2011.
15th International Semiconducting and Insulating Materials Conference, Vilnius, Lithuania, (2009).
2010 Villa Conf. on Interaction Among Nanostructures, Santorini, Greece, (2010).
BITs 1st annual World Congress on NanoMedicine 2010, Beijing, China, (2010).
6th IUPAC International Symp. On Novel Materials and Their Synthesis and 20th Int. Symp. On Fine Chemistry and Functional Polymers, Whuhan, China, (2010).
14th International Symposium on Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors, Vilnius, Lithuania, (2010).
International Workshop on Optics and Photonics, Marrakech (Supported by Institute of Theoretical Physics in Trieste), Morocco, (2010).
E-MRS, Nice, France, (2011).
MRS, Boston, USA, (2011).
BITs 4th International conference on Cancer, China (2011).
Villa Conference on Interaction Among Nanostructures, Las Vegas, USA (2011).
Eurosensors XXV, Athens, Greece, 2011.
ICON Conference, Beijing, China, 2011.








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