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Magnus Willander


PhD from Royal Institute of Technology. Professor at Gothenburg University and Linköping University. Several years working in Swedish industry and abroad. Visiting professor and scientist abroad. Research interest: Nanoscience/technology for solid and soft materials.

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Sreymean Ngok, Nasrin Razmi, Elfatih Mohammed Mustafa, Xianjie Liu, Chan Oeurn Chey, Magnus Willander, Omer Nur (2024) Chemical, synthesis, characterization and electrochemical properties of α-Fe2O3/ZnO composite nano-heterojunction for sensing application NANO SELECT, Article e2300155 Continue to DOI
Rem Yann, Sreymean Ngok, Elfatih Mohammed Mustafa, Xianjie Liu, Magnus Willander, Chan Oeurn Chey, Omer Nur (2024) Growth of Ag2S-sensitizer on MoS2/ZnO nanocable arrays for improved solar driven photoelectrochemical water splitting Solid State Sciences, Vol. 147, Article 107379 Continue to DOI


Nasrin Razmi, Maryna Lazouskaya, Ivana Pajcin, Bojan Petrovic, Jovana Grahovac, Mitar Simic, Magnus Willander, Omer Nur, Goran M. Stojanovic (2023) Monitoring the effect of pH on the growth of pathogenic bacteria using electrical impedance spectroscopy Results in Engineering (RINENG), Vol. 20, Article 101425 Continue to DOI
Seyed Ebrahim Chalangar, Elfatih Mohammed Mustafa, Omer Nur, Magnus Willander, Håkan Pettersson (2023) Nanopatterned rGO/ZnO:Al seed layer for vertical growth of single ZnO nanorods Nanotechnology, Vol. 34, Article 255301 Continue to DOI
Elfatih Mohammed Mustafa, E. A. Dawi, Z. H. Ibupoto, A. M. M. Ibrahim, Anna Elsukova, Xianjie Liu, A. Tahira, Rania Elhadi Elhadi Adam, Magnus Willander, Omer Nur (2023) Efficient CuO/Ag2WO4 photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting using solar visible radiation RSC Advances, Vol. 13, p. 11297-11310 Continue to DOI