Physical electronics and nanotechnology

Fysikalisk elektronik och nanoteknik, chip och vätskor

Our research focuses on both the “bottom-up” and the “top-down” approaches in the field of physics and nanotechnology. 

The Physical Electronics and Nanotechnology research group, under the leadership of Docent Omer Nur and Prof. Magnus Willander has been exploiting device physics and technology by covering experimental and theoretical aspects for more than 25 years.

At present we use diverse methodologies for growth and design of nanostructures for different applications e.g. fabrication of light emitting diodes, laser, UV and infrared detector technology, photonic applications, medical application covering the extra and intracellular sensors and mechanical application.

In addition, our group has dedicated efforts for the characterization of both classical and quantum phenomena.

The research covers a broad range of topics in materials and devices. Both experimental as well as theoretical research has been conducted. At present, the main research general topics are on the growth, characterization, modeling and device realization of configurations based on nano-structures on different substrates. 

Our research is divided into four areas:
  • Growth of nanostructures and its composites
  • Nano-photonics
  • Bio-nanoelectronics
  • Nano-mechanics

Forskare i fysikalisk elektronik och nanoteknik i renrummet, Campus NorrköpingFoto: Thor Balkhed



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Human abundant energy powers transmitting sensors

Human abundant energy powers transmitting sensors

Many of the mechanical motion form around us like, handwriting, foot pressure etcetera, can be used to gain useful electrical energy and signals. 

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Chan Oeurn Chey, (2015)
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Mushtaque Hussain, (2014)
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T. Johansson (1998) 
A. Kindlihagen (1997) 
S. M. Cao (1997) 
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