Relationships can enable broader value creation

When firms enter into relationships with other firms, these relationships should provide added value above the associated costs and needed resources. Describing this value, and understanding how to increase this value, is important.

I am a PhD student at the Department of Management and Engineering, and my research interests concern business negotiations and relationships between firms. My research is based on a discussion around the concept of value which helps me understand decision maker reasoning and also the effects of relationships on agreements between firms. In addition to my research, I take doctoral courses and teach at 20 %.


Short facts

Academic Degree

  • Master of science, International Management and Engineering, Link√∂ping University, 2004


  • TEIE17 Industrial Economics
  • TETS23 Purchasing
  • TEIE42 Industrial sales
  • TEIM07 Industrial market analysis


  • Representative from LiU in the Growth Leadership Companies together with ALMI