Industrial Management (INDEK)

The Division of Industrial Management is part of the Department of Management and Engineering. The division is one of the largest in Sweden regarding research, education and contract education, specializing in business development, management control and industrial marketing.

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The division of Industrial Management broadly conducts research on B2B firms, their business models, their strategies, and how they can create and capture value. The creation and capture of value, and being able to develop business models and strategies that can enable the creation of value, is key in all industries and for all actors. With increased competition on many arenas, with new opportunities through digitalization and servitization, and as sustainability is becoming a pivotal aspect in all business, being able to rethink and renew business models, and to find new ways to create value, is at the very heart of management today.

Our research is primarily carried out in close cooperation with industry and we have extensive experience in working with various firms in this process. Key concepts for us are business models, value creation, sustainability, market strategies, servitization, value chains and growth. The research activities in our division are organized in three areas, or centers, – Center for Business Model Innovation, Center for Applied research in SMEs, and Digitisation and management - and in six different research tracks.

For questions please contact the research director Professor Daniel Kindström or anyone of the senior researchers in our division.


The division has a wide range of researchers and doctoral students involved in our ongoing projects. Currently we are 6 Professors, 7 Assistant Professors and 10 doctoral candidates as well as research assistants, teaching faculty, and administration. We also work closely together with both national and international scholars, as well as various firms, in our projects.

Research areas

Recent publications


Christian Kowalkowski, Wolfgang Ulaga (2024) Subscription offers in business-to-business markets: Conceptualization, taxonomy, and framework for growth Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 117, p. 440-456 Continue to DOI
Staffan Brege, Johan Holtström, Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck (2024) Innovativa startup-företag i scaleup-/effektivitetsfasen: En trenivåmodell för analys av tillväxt, skalbarhet, konkurrensfördelar och lönsamhet
Johan Holtström, Sarah Semnani Kenlind, Tomas Nord (2024) Project-based business models in the construction industry - key success factors for sustainable timber extension projects Construction Management and Economics Continue to DOI


Lars Witell, Hannah Snyder, Per Carlborg (2023) Against Service Innovation: Why Service Innovation Is Not Sustainable Debating Innovation: Perspectives and Paradoxes of an Idealized Concept, p. 203-219 Continue to DOI
Jonas Holmqvist, Christian Kowalkowski (2023) Traceability in luxury: Harnessing B2B relationships to enhance ethical practices in the luxury industry Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 111, p. 257-267 Continue to DOI


We provide courses and Degree Project, thesis work within the three undergraduate subjects:

  • Industrial Management
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Economic Information Systems.

These are primarily aimed at the engineering programs, mainly the programme in Industrial Engineering and Management. 

Commissioned education

We have also developed commissioned education with a focus on business development, financial management and business marketing. We can also design a course to meet your organizations' specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Contacts for Degree Projects in Economic Information Systems, Industrial Economics and Industrial Marketing


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