Centre for Business Model Innovation (CBMI)

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The Centre for Business Model Innovation (CBMI) is a research and knowledge centre dedicated to understanding how companies can create sustained competitive advantage through innovative business models. Our research focuses on value creation and capture for individual companies, industrial ecosystems, and society at large.

CBMI’s research is at the forefront of international research and is conducted in close collaboration with both business and public organisations.

Business model innovation is a key strategy for businesses to stay competitive in today’s dynamic market environment. It involves addressing the customer value proposition and the processes of value creation and value capture.

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  • The Value Proposition is a promise of resource integration and alignment that offers a superior value package to targeted stakeholders.
  • Value Creation is the process of increasing value generation.
  • Value Capture is the process of securing returns from the value created and distributing those returns among the participating actors.


Business model innovation is about more than just designing new processes. It’s about ensuring these processes are adaptable, aligned, and can work across organisational boundaries. It involves a shared commitment to creating value and ensuring its fair distribution. In essence, it’s not just about what we create, but how we create and share it. This holistic approach is what sets successful businesses apart.

Research is primarily carried out across three research tracks:

  • Servitization, customer solutions, and service business models
  • Proactive market strategies
  • Value chain sustainability

For any questions, please contact the director of the centre, Professor Christian Kowalkowski, or any of the senior researchers responsible for the research tracks.

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Research tracks

Linköping University is seeking a Ph.D. candidate for the coming academic year!

PhD in Industrial Marketing

The PhD position is part of the research project "Data-Driven Service Transformation in Industrial Ecosystems", which is funded by the Wallenberg Foundations and will be carried out together with industry partners. The overall aim of this project is to explore how data-driven service transformations are altering markets and value creation for
businesses, industrial ecosystems, and society.

Your work assignment

Focusing specifically on B2B companies, the project will examine how organisations can leverage the potential of data sharing, AI, and digital platforms to capitalise on service innovation opportunities. It will also investigate how to incentivize engagement among ecosystem members and how to orchestrate such platforms and ecosystems so that value from new services is realized.

As a PhD student, you devote most of your time to doctoral studies and the research projects of which you are part. Your work may also include teaching or other departmental duties, up to a maximum of 20% of full-time.

You will work under the guidance and supervision of Professors Christian Kowalkowski and Lars Witell. The PhD programme includes research training courses, and you are expected to participate in international research conferences and collaborate with a network of esteemed international researchers.

Your profile

We welcome applications from students with a background in disciplines such as business, marketing, industrial engineering and management, and statistics.

You should have a strong interest in marketing strategy and technology management, and an affinity for learning both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Your qualifications

Eligible applicants must have completed a Master of Science degree, a research master’s/M.Phil degree, a comparable degree relevant to a Marketing specialisation, or completed courses with a minimum of 240 credits, at least 60 of which must be in advanced courses.

An MBA degree does not fulfill the requirements for admission.

An excellent command of both written and spoken English is a requirement. Proficiency in Swedish is an advantage but not a requirement.

Apply here!
Autumn at the Campus Valla with focus on A Building
Teiksma Buseva

Your workplace


You will be affiliated with the Centre for Business Model Innovation (CBMI), a research centre focused on how companies create sustained competitive advantage through novel business models. CBMI is part of the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI). 

IEI spans over a wide range of fields, from economics and management to technology and design, with a strong focus on innovation and development to foster a sustainable society. It is a robust research department with several researchers who have published in top-tier journals, such as those found at level 4 in the Academic Journal Guide. 

The department’s doctoral students have achieved success and have been placed at well-renowned universities and companies, such as Auckland Business School, BI Norwegian Business School, Accenture, Ericsson, and McKinsey & Company.

Linköping University

At Linköping University we utilise boundary-breaking research and innovative education to address the challenges of today. We maintain continuous and close contact with industry and society to ensure our research and education are relevant and impactful. International rankings place LiU among the world’s top universities.


Recent publications


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Johan Holtström, Sarah Semnani Kenlind, Tomas Nord (2024) Project-based business models in the construction industry - key success factors for sustainable timber extension projects Construction Management and Economics Continue to DOI


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PhD students

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