Photo of Mattias Ekberg

Mattias Ekberg

PhD student

My research concerns the processing and recognition of vocal emotion expressions in individuals with hearing loss.



Emil Holmer, Jerker Rönnberg, Erkin Asutay, Carlos Tirado, Mattias Ekberg (2024) Facial mimicry interference reduces working memory accuracy for facial emotion expressions PLOS ONE, Vol. 19, p. e0306113-e0306113 Continue to DOI


Mattias Ekberg, Georgios Stavrinos, Josefine Andin, Stefan Stenfelt, Örjan Dahlström (2023) Acoustic Features Distinguishing Emotions in Swedish Speech. Journal of Voice, Article S0892-1997(23)00103-0 Continue to DOI


Mattias Ekberg, Josefine Andin, Stefan Stenfelt, Örjan Dahlström (2022) Effects of mild-to-moderate sensorineuralhearing loss and signal amplification on vocalemotion recognition in middle-aged-olderindividuals PLOS ONE, Vol. 17, Article e0261354 Continue to DOI