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Sigrid Nilsson, Mats Hammar, Janne West, Magnus Borga, Sofia Thorell, Anna-Clara Spetz Holm (2023) Resistance training decreased abdominal adiposity in postmenopausal women Maturitas, Vol. 176, Article 107794 Continue to DOI


Sigrid Nilsson, Moa Henriksson, Emilia Berin, David Engblom, Anna-Clara Spetz Holm, Mats Hammar (2022) Resistance training reduced luteinising hormone levels in postmenopausal women in a substudy of a randomised controlled clinical trial: A clue to how resistance training reduced vasomotor symptoms PLOS ONE, Vol. 17, Article e0267613 Continue to DOI
Micaela Sundell, Anna-Clara Spetz Holm, Mats Fredrikson, Mats Hammar, Mikael Hoffmann, Jan Brynhildsen (2022) Pulmonary embolism in menopausal hormone therapy: a population-based register study Climacteric, Vol. 25, p. 615-621 Continue to DOI

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