Photo of Mats Jöesaar

Mats Jöesaar

Adjunct Professor



Maiara Moreno, Jon Martin Andersson, Jens Eriksson, Per Alm, K. Hedström, Rachid M'Saoubi, Isabella Citlalli Schramm, Norbert Schell, Mats P. Johansson-Jöesaar, Magnus Odén, Lina Rogström (2024) Strain and phase evolution in TiAlN coatings during high-speed metal cutting: An in operando high-energy x-ray diffraction study Acta Materialia, Vol. 263, Article 119538 Continue to DOI


Maiara Moreno, Jon M. Andersson, Rachid MSaoubi, Vyacheslav Kryzhanivskyy, Mats P. Johansson-Jöesaar, Lars J. S. Johnson, Magnus Odén, Lina Rogström (2023) Adhesive wear of TiAlN coatings during low speed turning of stainless steel 316L Wear, Vol. 524-525, Article 204838 Continue to DOI


Maiara Moreno, Jon M. Andersson, Mats Johansson, Birgit E. Friedrich, Robert Boyd, Isabella C. Schramm, Lars J. S. Johnson, Magnus Odén, Lina Rogström (2022) Wear of Mo- and W-alloyed TiAlN coatings during high-speed turning of stainless steel Surface & Coatings Technology, Vol. 446, Article 128786 Continue to DOI


Katherine Calamba, Janella Salamania, Mats P. Johansson, L. J. S. Johnson, Robert Boyd, J. F. Pierson, M. A. Sortica, D. Primetzhofer, Magnus Odén (2021) Effect of nitrogen vacancies on the growth, dislocation structure, and decomposition of single crystal epitaxial (Ti1-xAlx)N-y thin films Acta Materialia, Vol. 203, Article 116509 Continue to DOI
Ana Beatriz Broering Chaar, Lina Rogström, Mats Johansson, Jenifer Barrirero, H. Aboulfadl, N. Schell, D. Ostach, F. Mucklich, Magnus Odén (2021) Microstructural influence of the thermal behavior of arc deposited TiAlN coatings with high aluminum content Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Vol. 854, Article 157205 Continue to DOI