Nawroz Barazanji



Nawroz Barazanji, Paul J. Hamilton, Adriane Icenhour, Rozalyn Simon, Olga Bednarska, Sofie Tapper, Anders Tisell, Peter Lundberg, Maria Engström, Susanna Walter (2022) Irritable bowel syndrome in women: Association between decreased insular subregion volumes and gastrointestinal symptoms NeuroImage: Clinical, Vol. 35, Article 103128 Continue to DOI


Rozalyn Simon, Purnika Ranasinghe, Nawroz Barazanji, Malin Bergman Jungeström, Jie Xu, Olga Bednarska, Lena Serrander, Maria Engström, Dennis A. Bazylinski, Åsa Keita, Susanna Walter (2021) Magnetotactic bacteria from the human gut microbiome associated with orientation and navigation regions of the brain Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, Vol. 39, p. 2044-2052 Continue to DOI
Rozalyn Simon, Nawroz Barazanji, Michael P. Jones, Olga Bednarska, Adriane Icenhour, Maria Engström, Paul Hamilton, Åsa Keita, Susanna Walter (2021) Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide plasma levels associated with affective symptoms and brain structure and function in healthy females Scientific Reports, Vol. 11, Article 1406 Continue to DOI