Department of Health, Medicine and Caring Sciences (HMV)

The Department of Health, Medicine, and Caring Sciences (HMV) is a department within the Faculty of Medicine.

Our research areas cover a wide range - from experimental basic research to clinical, social and public health research. Several research projects are extensive with both national and international partners, while others are smaller, but also those with a clear focus on patient benefit.

We are HMV

We are a strong research and teaching institution that brings together the large healthcare programs. Educating future healthcare professionals is an important prerequisite for health care to function. We prepare future healthcare professionals for a changing society where concepts such as "close care", "self-care" and "coordinated care" are discussed.  Continuing educational development and renewal are priorities for our institution.

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A Path to Prevention of Elder Abuse in Long-term care, APPEAL

The past year prevalence of elder abuse among community dwelling older adults have been reported to be about 10-15% in both Swedish and international studies.

En äldre och en yngre kvinna / An older and a younger woman

Activity and severe multiple disabilities – Rett syndrome

The goal of our research is to increase knowledge about people with Rett syndrome and their everyday activities.

Photo of part of the research group in front of the new photon counting detector comuputed tomography

Advanced CT Exams for Heart and Vessels

This flagship project combines mainly coronary artery morphology and cardiac function research with CT at CMIV.


young man taking a break from running.

22 februari 2024

Physical fitness in adolescence linked to less atherosclerosis later

Men who were physically fit when they were young had a lower risk of atherosclerosis almost 40 years later. These findings suggest that atherosclerosis is one of the mechanisms behind the link between physical fitness and cardiovascular disease.

headshot of two female researchers.

31 januari 2024

Post-COVID syndrome made researchers combine different perspectives

In a large research project, researchers are working across disciplines to understand post-COVID from several different aspects. At the same time, they are researching the interdisciplinary process itself.

People drinking coffee.

19 januari 2024

Beans to genes: WCMM study on coffee and heart health

With 2.25 billion daily consumers worldwide, coffee is a ubiquitous behavioural stimulant. However, coffee's clinical impact on cardiovascular health remains uncertain. Supported by WCMM, researchers will now explore coffee's impact on heart health.



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