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male and female researchers discuss a CT scan.

Immune system ageing can be revealed by CT scan

Thymus may play a bigger role in the immune system of adults than was previously believed. With age, the glandular tissue in the thymus is replaced by fat, but the rate at which this happens is linked to sex, age and lifestyle factors.

Two women in hospital wear and two men talk in a corridor.

Research centre to bring hope to kidney patients

Kidney disease is more common than people realise. By 2040, kidney failure may be the fifth most common cause of death, if nothing is done. With the Ingrid Asp Kidney Research Center, LiU will drive the development of knowledge and new treatments.

Man on bicycle being supervised by male physician.

“We’re beginning to understand post-COVID better now”

The understanding of why some people experience lingering symptoms following COVID-19 has increased rapidly. Swedish researchers have now published an overview of research findings on breathing and heart function problems in post-COVID condition.


Anders Tisell and Peter Lundberg in front of the MR scanner looking at brain images.

Quantitative MRI of the Brain

Microscopy image of liver. White areas represent accumulated fat.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Our research purposes are to further characterize the natural history of NAFLD, identify factors that influence the progression and to develop and validate diagnostic methods for NAFLD.

Viruvian man

Circulation and metabolism - CircM

CircM is a strategic research network for researchers at Linköping University and Region Östergötland within the research field circulation and cardio-metabolic risk factors.

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