Oliver Seifert

Senior Associate Professor



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Sofia Åkerlund, Oliver Seifert, Johan Assarsson, Sandra Jerkovic Gulin (2023) Significant Association between Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Atopic Dermatitis-a Retrospective Population-Based Case-Control Study DERMATOLOGY PRACTICAL & CONCEPTUAL, Vol. 13, Article e2023053 Continue to DOI
Ylva Andersch-Björkman, Emanuela Micu, Oliver Seifert, Sol-Britt Lonne-Rahm, Martin Gillstedt, Amra Osmancevic (2023) Effects of brodalumab on psoriasis and depressive symptoms in patients with insufficient response to TNF-a inhibitors Journal of dermatology (Print), Vol. 50, p. 1401-1414 Continue to DOI