Tuberculosis and innate immunity – from bench to bedside

Ur aim is to understand the pathogenicity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) focusing on innate immune host defense

Using experimental models and clinical field studies in Ethiopia, we have previously shown that nitrix oxide may play a role in the host defense against mycobacteria.

We are presently focusing on how coinfections with helminths and Mtb affect the immune response, treatment and outcome. Our research is translational combining experimental and clinical studies in Linköping, Ethiopia and Peru.

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Selected publication

Jonna Idh, Blanka Andersson, Maria Lerm, Johanna Raffetseder, Daniel Eklund, Hanna Woksepp, Jim Werngren, Mikael Mansjo, Tommy Sundqvist, Olle Stendahl, Thomas Schön (2017)

PLoS ONE , Vol.12 Continue to DOI

Henrik Andersson, Daniel Eklund, Eyler Ngoh, Alexander Persson, Blanka Andersson, Kristoffer Svensson, Maria Lerm, Robert Blomgran, Olle Stendahl (2014)

PLoS ONE , Vol.9 , s.e101514- Continue to DOI

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