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Isabella Silva Barreto, Maria Pierantoni, Leonard C. Nielsen, Malin Hammerman, Ana Diaz, Vladimir Novak, Pernilla T. Eliasson, Marianne Liebi, Hanna Isaksson (2024) Micro- and nanostructure specific X-ray tomography reveals less matrix formation and altered collagen organization following re duce d loading during Achilles tendon healing Acta Biomaterialia, Vol. 174, p. 245-257 Continue to DOI
Niklas Nilsson, Abdul Alim, Franciele Dietrich-Zagonel, Sebastian Concaro, Annelie Brorsson, Katarina Nilsson Helander, Pernilla T. Eliasson (2024) The Delayed Presentation of Achilles Tendon Ruptures Is Associated With Marked Alterations in the Gene Expression of COL1A1, MMPs, TIMPs, and IL-6 American Journal of Sports Medicine Continue to DOI


Maria Pierantoni, Malin Hammerman, Isabella Silva Barreto, Daniel Larsson, Thomas Notermans, Andrew J. Bodey, Pernilla T. Eliasson, Hanna Isaksson (2023) Spatiotemporal and microstructural characterization of heterotopic ossification in healing rat Achilles tendons The FASEB Journal, Vol. 37, Article e22979 Continue to DOI
Isabella Silva Barreto, Maria Pierantoni, Malin Hammerman, Elin Tornquist, Sophie Le Cann, Ana Diaz, Jonas Engqvist, Marianne Liebi, Pernilla T. Eliasson, Hanna Isaksson (2023) Nanoscale characterization of collagen structural responses to in situ loading in rat Achilles tendons Matrix Biology, Vol. 115, p. 32-47 Continue to DOI
Rikke Hoeffner, Rene B. Svensson, Franciele Dietrich-Zagonel, Daniel Schefte, Michael Kjaer, Pernilla T. Eliasson, S. Peter Magnusson (2023) Muscle fascicle and sarcomere adaptation in response to Achilles tendon elongation in an animal model Journal of applied physiology, Vol. 135, p. 326-333 Continue to DOI

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