Pernilla Helmer

PhD student



Pernilla Helmer (2024) Venturing Further into the Field of 2D Materials and their Laminated Parent Phases


Joseph Halim, Pernilla Helmer, Justinas Palisaitis, Martin Dahlqvist, Jimmy Thörnberg, Per O A Persson, Johanna Rosén (2023) Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Out-of-Plane Ordered Nanolaminate Transition Metal Borides: M4CrSiB2 (M = Mo, W, Nb) Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 62, p. 5341-5347 Continue to DOI


Pernilla Helmer, Hans Lind, Martin Dahlqvist, Johanna Rosén (2022) Investigation of out-of-plane ordered Ti4MoSiB2 from first principles Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Vol. 34, Article 185501 Continue to DOI
Pernilla Helmer (2022) A Computational Venture into the Realm of Laminated Borides and their 2D Derivatives
Pernilla Helmer, Joseph Halim, Jie Zhou, Roopathy Mohan, Björn Wickman, Jonas Björk, Johanna Rosén (2022) Investigation of 2D Boridene from First Principles and Experiments Advanced Functional Materials, Vol. 32, Article 2109060 Continue to DOI