Photo of Qianyun Wen

Qianyun Wen

PhD student



Xiaoxuan Kao, Yang Liu, Wensheng Wang, Qianyun Wen, Pan Zhang (2024) The pressure of coal consumption on China's carbon dioxide emissions: A spatial and temporal perspective Atmospheric Pollution Research, Vol. 15, Article 102188 Continue to DOI


Xin (Maxwell) Lin, Shengxuan Ye, Qianyun Wen, Weihua Zhou, Jiangtao Huangfu, Yangbing Xu (2023) Smart coordinated multi-energy intra-scheduling inter-sharing and cost-saving redistribution for multiple microgrids Sustainable cities and society, Vol. 97, Article 104754 Continue to DOI
Qianyun Wen, Axel Lindfors, Yang Liu (2023) How should you heat your home in the green energy transition? A scenario-based multi-criteria decision-making approach Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 421, Article 138398 Continue to DOI
Qianyun Wen (2023) Decision Support for Energy Transition: Application of Multi-criteria Decision Making on Danish Residential Heating


Qianyun Wen, Qiyao Yan, Junjie Qu, Yang Liu (2021) Fuzzy Ensemble of Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods for Heating Energy Transition in Danish Households Mathematics, Vol. 9, Article 2420 Continue to DOI