Photo of Qilun Zhang

Qilun Zhang

Principal Research Engineer



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Qilun Zhang (2023) Materials and interfaces for sustainable organic solar cells
Qilun Zhang, Yongzhen Chen, Xianjie Liu, Mats Fahlman (2023) In situ near-ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy reveals the effects of water, oxygen and light on the stability of PM6:Y6 photoactive layers Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Vol. 11, p. 3112-3118 Continue to DOI
Mingna Liao, Debashree Banerjee, Tomas Hallberg, Christina akerlind, Md Mehebub Alam, Qilun Zhang, Hans Kariis, Dan Zhao, Magnus Jonsson (2023) Cellulose-Based Radiative Cooling and Solar Heating Powers Ionic Thermoelectrics Advanced Science Continue to DOI