Photo of Réka Andersson

Réka Andersson

Associate Professor

My research is about professional work and collaboration in knowledge-intensive organizations in different sectors and industries. My driving force is to study complex, socially relevant issues and problems.

Organization, knowledge and professionalism

What is the significance of organization and knowledge for professional work and collaboration? What challenges do different professional groups face in their everyday work? These questions form the basis of my research when studying complex socially relevant issues and problems.

I have an interdisciplinary perspective and often combine Organizational theory with Sociology of professions and Science and technology studies to investigate professional practice in knowledge-intensive organizations, as well as the organizational conditions for professional work and collaboration. 

In my current research project, I investigate how a digital tool, Building information modeling (BIM), affects the organization of work and collaboration between different professional groups in project-based organizations in the construction industry. The focus is on the challenges that different professions struggle with and the importance of knowledge in the collaboration between them. The project is a collaboration with an international consulting company.

In my dissertation, I studied the management of work-related mental ill-health in both the private and public sectors in healthcare. I was interested in the conditions, challenges and dilemmas that the professionals in primary care and occupational health care were faced with and the strategies they used to deal with them. The dissertation also drew attention to the question of responsibility around this complex problem, not least due to the privatization of occupational health care.