Photo of Rodrigo Martinez Pena

Rodrigo Martinez Pena

My research focuses broadly on developing conceptual approaches to understand complex dynamics of social-ecological systems. My PhD research focuses on applying the mechanism-based approach to social-ecological phenomena, such as regime shifts.


I am currently doing research on understanding the causal relations of coupled social-ecological systems. The analytical approach consists of looking at:

• How the societal and ecological context influences people’s behaviour

• How social interaction has effects on social-ecological interaction

• How social-ecological interactions brings about phenomena such as ecological collapse or governance change

My research is part of Cau-SES, a collaborative project with the SES-Link group at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Hulmholtz Centre for Environmental Research.

I am interested in connecting social-ecological theory and practice in order to promote sustainable and equitable change. I have worked at SwedBio, a science-policy interface, applying social-ecological science to case studies to inform international law on human rights.


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