Enhancing surfaces for performance and durability

Surface engineering is a cost-effective way to improve the performance of materials. I am working in the field of materials research focusing on two different topics, namely residual stresses and high temperature coatings.

Residual stresses in engineering materials

The properties of engineering materials such as resistance to fatigue or stress corrosion cracking can be affected by residual stresses originating from different manufacturing processes. I have long research experience in the field, working with different research projects varying from studying residual stresses from various manufacturing processes to analyzing the mechanical/fatigue behavior with regard to residual stresses and microstructure. My specialties are X-ray and neutron diffraction techniques and scanning electron microscopy. My main research interests in the field are given below:
  • Residual stress generation and characterization
  • Fatigue with regard to manufacturing effect
  • In-situ diffraction study of material behavior 
  • Stress corrosion cracking

High Temperature Coatings

High temperature coatings are designed and used to protect metallic components operating in the hot sections of advanced engines. The resistance of such coatings against service induced coating degradation is critical for the performance and durability of the components. My research in the field focuses on optimizing the coatings resistance against degradation, which includes development, characterisation and modelling of metallic coatings for oxidation and corrosion protection and thermal barrier coatings which also provide heat isolation. 

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Surface engineering research at LiU
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